Nils Westergard - Netherlands.

Lithography Print
50x70 cm
190 g



Nils Westergard or @nilsrva is a nomadic Belgian-American street artist and filmmaker based in Amsterdam.

Starting with graffiti at a young age in the Washington, DC area he honed his skills painting tunnels, bridges, and theatrical stage sets. His intricate hand-cut stencil work set a foundation for his studio practice and landed him at Virginia Commonwealth University where he studied film, making hip-hop music videos combining his crafts.

After graduating he set out to paint a different European city every week for 6 months, and established himself as a rising figure in the street art world.

Today his lens has focused on subjects scaling from the global to the intimate-creating massive, drippy, portraits found on walls around the world, followed closely by his immensely detailed stencil work in galleries.

A member of the Amsterdam based Multi-Syndicate Crew artist collective he splits his time between Richmond, VA and Europe.