Pablo Fontagnier - Germany.

Lithography Print
50x70 cm
190 g



Born and raised in Mannheim, 1981, @hombre_suk_trs was a stereotype of the 80s. Video games, comics and Saturday morning cartoons built the corners of his youth and interests.

Elevating his passion for painting and art, Pablo found a new focus in the 90s. Graffiti. Motivated by his idols Can2, Atom or Mode2, he started to learn canskills, and invested money, time and energy into this newfound passion.

Today he is co owner of a design studio „SCOUTS“ in Aschaffenburg and his cans and canvases visited Shanghai, Pamplona, Berlin, Moscow, Jerusalem, NYC and so on.

Pablo left many colorful lines in the game, and graffiti helped built the character behind the characters