Boogie - Germany.

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Lithography Print
MultiDesign Rough Papyrus
50x70 cm
240 g


You can find the unigue, hand-finished special edition of this print here.



Boogie is a native of the Ore Mountains in East-Germany and has been working as a graffiti artist since 1999.

After attending graphic school in Dresden, he was one of the pioneers in German speaking countries to start a company for commercial mural work. At about the same time he and several other graffiti-oriented companions founded the SML Crew, which is still active today.

After taking the decision to be more active in the world of social media as @boogiesml, his name became internationally more known and noticed. This was the time when Boogie became a member of the world known TAD Crew.

Fresh, comic-like and clean is a spot-on description of Boogie’s artworks and style. He sees himself as an entertainer and with his legible styles he found a way to excite a lot of people with his graffiti.