Miguel Angel Belinchón - Spain.

Lithography Print
50x70 cm
190 g



Miguel Angel Belinchón is a Spanish artist known in the art world as

At the age of 15 he started spray painting after drawing on paper, and began experimenting by painting in the street of his hometown. This was the start of his association with the art world, using the persecuted graffiti of the 90s, bombarding the neighborhoods of his own city with signatures and lettering.

In 2004, he held his first exhibitions and expositions in Spain, and in 2005 he participated in the 'Biennial Europe and the Mediterranean' event in the city of Naples, leading to a frenetic rise in activity throughout the World.

Post neo-cubism is listed as a new style of art, recognized by critics as well as contemporaries. It has become Belin's personal brand.