Asbestos - Ireland.

Protect Us
Lithography Print
MultiDesign Rough Papyrus
50x70 cm
240 g


Protect Us

This print is based on a mural from last year, when we were all living in fear, and worried about being too close to one another. It shows my eyes looking out from behind a mask and my face covered by hands wearing protective gloves. I’m fearful, but I’m also in awe of the thousands of health care workers who were putting their lives at risk to protect us.

In honour of those who have protected us, €20 from each print will be donated to @materfoundation



Asbestos or, @artofasbestos is an Irish artist who’s been creating work on the street in a variety of media since 2003.

His portraits explore the concept of identity that are a conversation with two versions of his persona. “Each mask portrays two versions of myself, one alive and one dead. The dead version is a fictional character that represents me, if I’d been killed in a car bomb”. The bomb he refers to was a real one that went off in Dublin 46 days before he was born, 5 minutes after his mother walked past it. Each portrait is created by two versions of his persona combining photorealism and abstract naive strokes.

Alongside this he creates his Lost series, in which he uses posters and stickers searching for forgotten objects. Anyone finding the lost objects can get in touch, and this part of the process creates a dialogue with the public. After 15 years of Lost, he's still receiving helpful and curious mails from the public letting him know what they've found.