Akut - Germany.

Lithography Print
MultiDesign Rough Papyrus
50x70 cm
240 g

You can find the unigue, hand-finished special edition of this print here.



In times when people finally feel courageous and supported enough to stand up for themselves as well as for other peoples' beliefs, rights and desires, uncertainty and discomfort or even hate arise in those who don’t want to adapt to new ways of thinking or living. There are heated discussions about gender equality, gender identity, cultural diversity, religion etc. etc. still. One can easily become very sick and tired of those who fight change in order to stay in their cozy, narrow-minded bubbles, which completely pass over the struggling of so many individuals who just want to find their very own fit in this world. Don’t we all have one significant, naturally given thing in common, which should be the only characteristic we’re defined by? We are all humans in a beautiful range of different shapes, colors, minds and abilities.

Why do we put each other in little boxes and build up an order of individuals, but at the same time limit the single individual in what might make them outstandingly unique? We should all shut the f*ck up with stereotyping, shaming, threatening, hurting or killing human beings and instead enjoy as well as emphasize this diversity.

With the artwork “HUMANS BE HUMAN” I’m going back to the basics of my artistic toolbox rooted in the graffiti scene using lines, drips, spray can splashes, styles and simple shapes to create a subject, becoming even more unique due to its intense, photorealistic eyes. These tools work like the smallest building blocks that we’re all made of, genes. Although we as humans consist of the same genes, each one of us - besides some exceptions - turns out to be a unique composition, that usually doesn’t want to be defined by other peoples' opinions. Often we do not even have our own thoughts. Unconsciously we lend our beliefs from society, famous minds, world leaders, friends, the family, people from different generations, cultures and traditions. Would these individuals tell you my subject is female, because of those cheeks, the plump lips? But why the short hair? It looks androgynous. Or is it a female looking male? What do you think? And why does the gender even matter? Does it make building up a connection easier? Is it necessary to understand the deeper meaning? There's no need to make it that difficult. Seriously, just go back to the most obvious basis and think of my subject as simply being the portrait of a human. That’s enough definition and doesn't make it worth any less.



Akut, known online as @akut_herakut is a Berlin based urban contemporary artist, who has been active in the graffiti and street art scene for more than 25 years. 

He began his career in graffiti focusing on photorealism as a founding member of the legendary graffiti collective Ma’Claim Crew in 2001. After studying Visual Communication & Graphic Design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar Germany, he merged with artist Jasmin Siddiqui aka Hera to form the renowned artistic duo Herakut in 2004. 

As part of Herakut, Akut has maintained his photorealistic style but transitioned from graffiti to street art, painting large scale murals, working on humanitarian projects in refugee camps and holding gallery exhibitions all over the world.